A resource of and for the Washington, D.C. foreign embassy community

Business Directories

The embassy.org site's Business Directories allows companies serving the international community, and those working, living, and traveling internationally, to find their audience.

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Real Estate

Washington D.C.-area real estate listings.

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Mailing Lists

We also offer mailing lists for use in reaching the Washington D.C. foreign embassy and consular communities.

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Featured Company

Ambassadorial Distinctive Homes in DC, MD and VA
Ambassadorial Distinctive Homes in DC, MD and VA: When Embassy personnel need assistance in the purchase of a distinctive home in the Washington metropolitan area, they turn to the Realtor® who specializes in diplomat financing needs. After finding the perfect property, negotiations, contract contingencies and settlement go smoothly when you work with an agent who understands the special needs of international buyers. In the increasingly difficult lending environment, diplomats with A1 and A2 visas need a real estate agent who can do more than take them on home tours. Dana Scanlon with Keller Williams Capital Properties has a proven track record in working with Embassies and their staff in the acquisition and sale of homes and distinctive properties in the Montgomery County, Washington D C and Northern Virginia region.

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U.S. Passport Help Guide

U.S. Passport Help Guide provides emergency passport to U.S. citizens with a complete list of Passport Offices

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Who was the first woman to hold the rank of U.S. Ambassador?

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