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CountryWatch.com is an information provider for public and private sector organizations which operate across national borders throughout the world. The management of CountryWatch.com has extensive international business experience and has utilized this experience to bring together in a concise and useful form, a key set of political, economic, and business information for its clients in the form of Country ReviewsTM and the Country WireTM.

Country ReviewsTM provide a political and economic survey of 191 countries in 191 reports at a highly competitive price. Coverage of every country in the world is updated continuously on the Web and twice each year in CountryWatch.com books and CDs. One of the best buys in the global information market.

Country WireTM is an on-line information update from United Press International and nine other international news organizations, as well as periodic data updates from the CountryWatch.com staff which provide the latest political, economic, corporate, and environmental information on a country by country basis as it occurs.