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Are you seeking to make the most of your diplomatic visit to Washington, D.C. and eager to help your delegation make a favorable impression? The logistical expertise of ProAdvance can help you not only to accomplish more during your visit, but do so with professional polish and aplomb. At ProAdvance, we thrive on anticipating and overcoming the unique challenges that crop up during international visits. Whether you require help organizing an entire visit or assistance with the details of a single event, you need look no further than ProAdvance.

Coordinating the logistical details of foreign delegations is demanding work -- work that tends not to attract attention unless things go wrong. ProAdvance offers expertise, experience, and extensive contacts in Washington circles. Our support provides our clients with peace of mind and the opportunity for the delegates to focus on the purpose of their trip instead of the mundane details that have to be attended to in order for the delegation to move from one event to the next in a timely and dignified fashion.

Our experience as advance representative and protocol officer for international delegations visiting the United States enables us to provide the following services:

  • Planning and Execution of Entire Visits
  • Air Travel (Commercial or Air Charter)
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Motorcades
  • Security
  • Media Relations
  • Liaison with State Department Office of Protocol and Diplomatic Security Service

Apart from the work that we have done with the White House, our experience includes:

  • Assisting with U.S. Presidential Campaigns
  • Taking American Groups Abroad
  • Handling Visiting Delegations

ProAdvance is the company that you can count on to make your diplomatic visit or trade mission run flawlessly. Why take unnecessary chances on anything as unpredictable as diplomatic travel when an experienced troubleshooter is just a mouse-click away? We look forward to being of assistance.