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Public Speaking International

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Public Speaking International

As diplomatic officers who make appearances on behalf of your country, do you demonstrate that you care deeply about your topic and listeners? At Public Speaking International, we help clients worldwide negotiate the challenges of diplomatic appearances for maximum influence and success. Our faculty is headed by Dr. Gary Genard, a specialist in diplomatic communication who has taught at Harvard and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Politicians and diplomats face one of the most difficult tasks in all of public speaking: How do you make policy sound as if it actually touches people's lives? As former actors, we'll show you how to reach people emotionally through your own sincere level of commitment and truthfulness. As current trainers to the U.S. State Department, both houses of the U.S. Congress, and Foreign Services from abroad, we understand your special needs in reaching that goal.

Our Public Speaking and Communication Skills Evaluation is custom-designed for political and diplomatic speakers from any country. We'll work with you to make your advocacy in English come alive for your listeners. Through videotaped practice sessions, you'll gain practical tools you can use immediately, whatever audience or culture you have to address.

Through PSI's customized trainings and instruction, you'll immediately see improvements such as these in your diplomatic speaking and media skills:

  • Overcoming "politics as usual" so that your listeners can believe in what you're saying.
  • Strengthening your presence and credibility for in-person and media appearances.
  • Negotiating objections, skeptical media interviewers, and hostile audiences.
  • Avoiding the 7 Danger Zones in interviews and press conferences.
  • Developing a speaking style that is confident, polished, and culturally aware.
  • Learning the 4 Secrets to Delivering the Right Sound Bites.
From vocal persuasiveness to nonverbal communication to engaging audiences to personalizing cameras and microphones, acquire the knowledge and tools that will make you a more effective advocate than you've ever been before. Programs available: Coaching, one- and two-day workshops, and extended training programs.