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MVP Services, LLC

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MVP Services, LLC provides executive protection (bodyguards) to VIP clients. We are experienced in providing security to diplomats, their families and staff during business, travel, at special events and at home.

Corporate security is our business, we provide specialized security and private investigations to the world's elite. We are highly trained professionals with a leading edge in technology. We combine these qualities to provide you with the ultimate security experience.

Because we realize that being in unfamiliar territory can be scary and often dangerous, we cater our services to our foreign and diplomatic clients. Our experienced Executive Protection Specialist develop, implement and manage comprehensive personalized security plans to address our clients' with impenetrable safety. Our specialist are hand selected exclusively from elite law enforcement and military personnel.

Personal protection is our primary concern; however, our job encompasses a great deal of executive assistance to ease your daily burdens. In addition to ensuring that you and your family are safe at home, on the town, during business and travel; your assigned agent secures your personal appointments, reservations and travel arrangements as well as handles errands and task that your busy schedule may not allow you to handle. Our client based in formed from diplomats, dignitaries, celebrities, professional athletes, corporate executives, ministries, and their families.

We look forward to serving soon. Thank you for your business.