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Richard Bland College

As the only public two-year institution in Virginia that offers on-campus living facilities, Richard Bland College (RBC) is the perfect choice for students looking for the full collegiate experience but at the significantly reduced cost of a junior college. Unlike community colleges, which offer both academic and vocational courses of study, all of the academic programs at RBC are designed to prepare students to transfer into a four-year college or university.

The academic rigor with which we approach the education of our students ensures that upon entering a four-year institution, RBC graduates will have developed the same scholastic skills and have the same academic standing as the rest of their junior class. Also, by providing students with the opportunity to live on campus, we ensure that our students develop the social and life skills that the residential experience cultivates. In so doing, we make sure that our students are fully prepared to excel during every phase of their collegiate journey, both during and after their time at RBC.

As the only state-supported junior college in Virginia, RBC has as its primary mission the offering of transfer associate degree programs in liberal arts and sciences.

More than half of our graduates transfer to senior (four-year) institutions to complete their baccalaureate degrees. Most of them choose to transfer to in-state senior colleges and universities; therefore, we have developed formal transfer agreements with many Virginia institutions thereby guaranteeing automatic acceptance of our graduates.

The State Policy on Transfer ensures that students who graduate with an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree will fulfill the lower-division general education requirements of all Virginia state-supported institutions, unless otherwise noted in the institution's transfer guide.

Complete copies of all transfer agreements are available upon request. Although many agreements guarantee automatic acceptance of our graduates, agreements do vary among colleges. Also, acceptance to a specific college does not imply admission to a specific degree program in that college.

Visit our website www.RBC.edu for more detailed information about RBC. You may also visit our Facebook.com community (Keyword: Richard Bland College) or our Youtube.com Channel www.YouTube.com/RichardBlandCollege1 for materials and videos related to Richard Bland College.