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I teach students how to write in English. One-on-one tutoring brings out "the writer within" in every student.

WRITE 4 YOU is a tutoring service that teaches students how to write in English. Students learn the writing process from the ground up, focusing on spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. I also work with students on diagramming sentences. I can meet with students in your home, mine, or the local library. I serve the Northern Virginia area.

Students who are struggling with writing are often disorganized. Through the use of freewriting, structure keys, Venn diagrams, and concept maps the student learns how to think clearly in order to write clearly.

At the first session, I assess where the student is. I then individualize a course of study. I set the bar just a little higher than where the student is; this challenges them without frustrating them. Then I move the bar incrementally higher as the student progresses.

The students I have worked with have made remarkable progress. This is apparent from the many testimonials I have received.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with your student to address their writing needs. My motto is: Write well. Succeed in school. Succeed in life.